Is there a mint date?

Not yet, if everything goes according to the plan our project will be launched by the end of the year.

What is the price and the supply?

We haven’t set these details up yet, It is still to be announced.

What ecosystem will you be using for this project?

SOLANA! Reasons are obvious: the most liked community among the crypto market.

What will be the benefits of hodling an NFT?

First, passive income. How? Through Royalties, DAO Wallet, investment fund, smart staking platform, casino profit shares, e-commerce brand profit shares. Second, we are talking about WLs in big projects, games, sponsored gaming tournaments, giveaway-s and many more, which you will discover throughout the timeline.

Is the team public?

Yes, the team is formed from Denis (Spain) and Mihai (Malak) and it’s originated in Romania. The rest of the team spreads around the globe. Soon we will do the doxing of the team.

Why would we trust this project? There are millions out there.

It`s straightforward, we offer everything on a silver plate. Now we have a few more months until we can prove to you that we are a solid team who wishes to build something stable and strong that will last.

Does this project follow a roadmap / whitepaper?

Of course, even though we believe that offering the public something 100% on paper has sometimes it’s down parts. Why? We are looking to expand our vision in the future as this develops. Anyhow, we offer these two essential components of every project, and we offer you the opportunity to build & adjust it for the sake of our small universe.

You said you will build a brand, other projects have tried and miserably failed. How will you survive?

Our team is making sure that we can satisfy all of our clients needs and this way we will manage to sell merchandise all over the world and bring profits to our stakeholders pockets.

Aren’t there way too many casinos on the market?

There are, but most of them think alike, none comes with something new. Pity, right? Well, we are going to make sure that the new wave is coming in and upgrade the past one also.

Where can I find more information about the team?

In the About US section from our website.

Where can I find more information about the project?

Join our Discord server and you will find an answer for all your questions!