Malak - Tehnician. Finished school in Bucharest, Romania. Managing experience in various distribution companies and also a handler. At the time being, discord developer focused on bots. Beginner in the cryptoverse. Passionate about writing code, JS/React. Hobbies: Video-games and programming.
Slim - Project Manager. Studying computer science at a top Canadian university. Passionate about software development, NFTs, and Web3. Hobbies include programming, biking, watching NBA basketball, and trading NFTs.
Davinna - Project Artist. I am drawing since I was born, literally, studied marketing and now communication and emerging media. I love drawing both manually and digitally. I have a big passion for cars, animals and meeting new people!
Cylix Yang - Financial Manager. Graduated from Durham University, UK with a Master in electronic and electrical engineering. Practicing finance ever since, working in asset securization and derivates trading. Cryptoverse enthusiast!
Zack - Developer -. Currently Studying in Netherlands with 5 years of programming experience . Building projects and accumulating experience in both front-end and back-end. Crypto passionate , enthusiastic spirit , interested about sports and investing, always excited and happy to learn.
Ciryandil - Copywritter, Storymaker. Finished studies at Romanian-American University, MBA in Tourism Economics Working as a ERP Director at a business travel agency in Romania, also financial consultant as a side hustle. Hobbies: Finance, Writing, Video-Games and Swimming.
Alice - Social Media Manager. Graduated pharmacy school in Romania, but a crypto enthusiast. Curently working in the food industry. Loving games, jigsaw puzzles and good artwork.
RobyNET - Influencer. I am in the field for 7 years already, started with gaming, now vlogging, Youtube (160k), Instagram (40k), TikTok (100k). I do everything by myself, from editing clips to miniatures. Everything that is related to a videoclip is done by myself. Worked with a lot of big companies, here are just a few of them: KFC, Intel, AMD. I like to drive, record and edit scenes.
Steve - VC Consultant / Advisor. CEO & Founder Tiger Ventures ( 4th biggest Venture Capital in Europe). I have great knowledge in starting up Cryptoverse projects. I like to read books and play tennis.
Redhead Bonnie - VFX Designer. Finished studies in Rostov-on-Don , Russia. Worked in a printing company for a long time . Started studying VFX 5 years ago as a hobby and now working in the industry. Hobbies: Driving, UFC, Borussia Dortmund, Video games, and of course VFX